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dxf2svg2kicad — DXF to SVG to KICAD_PCB converter

This web application uses modern web technologies that do not seem to be supported by your browser.
Please use the latest version of Google Chrome instead!

You seem to be using Firefox which is known to cause the exported DXF to contain inaccurate lines.
Please use Google Chrome instead!

  1. Choose a DXF or SVG file to be converted —
    Invalid file chosen! — Only files with DXF or SVG extensions are processed.
    (You can try test.dxf or test.svg for testing purposes.)
  2. Check the preview image.
    If the preview image or the exported file is incomplete, then
    1. Open it in a CAD application like QCAD.
    2. Select the whole drawing.
    3. Use the EXPLODE command.
    4. Save it as a new DXF.
    1. Open it in Inkscape.
    2. Set path string format to absolute:
      • For older versions of Inkscape, uncheck the "File -> Inkscape Preferences... -> SVG output -> Path data -> Allow relative coordinates" checkbox.
      • For newer versions of Inkscape, set the "Edit -> Preferences... -> Input/Output -> SVG output -> Path data -> Path string format" option to "Absolute".
    3. Select the "Edit paths by nodes" tool (F2).
    4. Select the whole drawing (Ctrl+A).
    5. Reselect the whole drawing, thereby highlighting the individual nodes (Ctrl+A).
    6. In the node toolbar select "Break path at selected nodes" (Shift+B).
    7. Use the "Path -> Break Apart" command (Shift+Ctrl+K).
    8. Deselect, select and reselect nodes (Esc, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+A).
    9. In the node toolbar select "Make selected segments lines" (Shift+L).
    10. Set the stroke color to black so that you can see the final image (Shift + Left-click on the black color of the palette).
    11. Save the SVG as a new drawing.
    Finally, open the newly saved file in dxf2svg2kicad and it should work.
  3. Save the converted SVG or KICAD_PCB file. Save the converted KICAD_PCB file. Save the converted SVG or KICAD_PCB file.
    Advanced options...

    Note that the following options only pertain to KICAD_PCBs, not SVGs.
    • Layer to be used is
    • Translate drawing by X   Y mm
      Coordinate X is not a valid floating-point number! — Using 0 instead.
      Coordinate Y is not a valid floating-point number! — Using 0 instead.
    • Append converted file to
      The chosen file is not a valid KICAD_PCB file and won't be used!
  4. If this tool worked for you then please consider or report a bug if it didn't work.
    Your browser does not support the following feature(s):
    Please upgrade your browser as shown above and retry this web application before reporting a bug!

    You can report a bug by opening a new issue.
    Please attach the input file and include your browser name and its version number.
    GitHub being fairly anal, you can only attach images so rename your.dxf to your.dxf.png before attaching.