I've replaced my glossy laptop display with a matte one!

2011-05-15 21:27:57 GMT

I'm definitely not a fan a fan of glossy displays. Unfortunately, glossy screens heavily dominate the market nowadays which is a pain in my ass because it's a not pleasant experience to work with them in bright sunlight. Always working in the dark room is something I was fed up with. I've always wanted a laptop with a matte screen but given the many requirements that I have for laptops that was pretty much impossible and I finally bought my Acer Aspire 8935G-874G100BN laptop about one and half year ago featuring a big ass 18.4 glossy screen.

A while ago I started taking getting a matte screen more seriously and visited the largest laptop shop in my city, Szeged. They let me know that a replacement screen would cost me a small fortune and they eventually concluded that it's not possible for me to get a matte screen. I don't blame those guys because doing such a replacement is a rare feat and not so obvious.

I wasn't about to give up and asked for advice. From this point on, there was no going back. After I disassembled my laptop and got to know that my screen is the N184H6-L02 Rev. C1 model, I was searching for suppliers of the matte version of this screen. Interestingly enough despite some suppliers indicate on the product page a glossy screen, they can provide you a matte version of the same model. Fortunately, Bliss Computers had a last matte model on their stock which I've ordered from them and it arrived to me about one week later.

The replacement procedure is pretty obvious, except one thing. There's a glossy sheet that is part of the case in front of the actual glossy screen. That sheet has to leave forever if you wanna have a matte experience. Removing the sheet involves removing the glue that holds it there and without the sheet the assembled laptop will have a somewhat half-finished, DIY look but nothing too obtrusive.

Enough of words, let the images speak for themselves.

acer-aspire-laptopClick to see the album

As a final word you may ask whether it was worth paying $115 + $45 shipping for the alternative screen. My answer is that IT WAS A F*CKING BARGAIN! My user experience is so much better this way that I can hardly describe it using words! Some folks say that glossy screens provide sharper contrast but I'm not so sure at all. All I know is that reflection has gone, the image quality is stellar and that my glossy screen is officially for sale.

Comment written by Oblom at 2012-09-12 14:07:37 GMT:

Hey there! I complete agree with you about matte and glossy: I've just unfortunately broken my laptop's screen, I'm thinking to replace it with a matte one. I don't know if I understood well: did you remove the glossy sheet and installed the new matte monitor, that is now without anything that covers it? thanks

Comment written by Laci at 2012-09-12 14:13:28 GMT:

Oblom: Yes, you understood it perfectly. Now there's nothing to cover and protect my display itself. If I were using the protective glossy sheet the overall result would be glossy despite having a matte display.

Comment written by Oblom at 2012-09-12 14:21:43 GMT:

Thanks! About the new assembly, any particular issue to carry the laptop in the case(having an unprotected LCD screen scares me a bit)??? or problems related to dust, cleanness?...

Comment written by Laci at 2012-09-12 14:34:52 GMT:

Haven't experienced any problems at all. Just don't hurt the display with something sharp and you'll be fine. ;)

Comment written by Rick Mac at 2012-12-04 17:02:48 GMT:

I just cracked my glossy laptop screen and would love to replace it with a matte one. Did you run into any compatibility issues?



Comment written by Laci at 2012-12-04 18:49:36 GMT:

Rick: I haven't experienced any compatibility issues. You've just gotta make sure that the model number is correct and you'll be fine.

Comment written by youdad at 2013-04-08 06:49:30 GMT:

Clean your keyboard you dirty prick!

Comment written by Laci at 2013-04-08 10:47:02 GMT:

How rude... I promise I'll clean it next time, Mr youdad.