Minimizing household energy consumption

2009-08-23 23:57:03 GMT

I try to become more and more energy conscious nowadays.  I think it's important to minimize our resource consumption to save the environment.

A couple months ago I bought a power consumption meter and I've done a number of measurements.  I was only interested in quantitive amounts, that's why the some descriptions are inexact.  Here they are:

Videoton Precision 2000 - 56 cm diameter CRT TV

noisy (a PC of mine)

LG Flatron F700P - 17'' CRT monitor

Videoton Waltham TS 3343 - 53 cm diameter CRT TV

Sony DVP-NS32 - DVD player (you shouldn't buy this piece of sh*t)

Technics SA-GX130 - stereo synthesizer receiver + 2x big loudspeakers (don't ask how big)

Toaster:  725W

Grundig P45-342CTI - 42 cm diameter CRT TV

My mother's halogen lamp: 26W

Pirelli DISCUS DRG A225G - all-in-one broadband DSL router

ASUS WL-500GPV2 - DSL router

Samsung 204B - TFT monitor

Water pump that circulates the water for the house heating system: 44W

Goldstar ER-3520D - microwave owen: 830W