The New Era of Web Development

2008-10-17 23:22:57 GMT

The web will never be the same.

If you asked me about one or two years earlier whether I consider the web as a serious application platform my answer would be a definite no-no. I couldn't see the real potential in the web because all I saw was a couple of messy technologies not designed to build serious applications upon them and I was right about that in a certain degree. The web was designed to serve static documents, that's probably all that Tim Berners-Lee have had in mind when creating HTML. No one would ever think that the web would evolve to what it is today, that client side scripting, cascading style sheets, the document object model and various related technologies evolve to such an advanced level that it makes developers able to create extremely sophisticated applications on top of it that can outperform their rich client counterparts.

Add Cloud Computing to the mix and you have your own datacenter so you can infinitely grow your application as the need arises. I'm very surprised that some tech leaders think Cloud computing is a hype, because it makes me question their ability to make informed decisions.

jQuery is my most beloved piece of the big equatiation of the new web. Its semantics is so powerful that I'd rather call it a metasyntax on top of JavaScript. DHTML development sucked in former times and I admit that browser bugs and icompatibilities didn't vanish, but jQuery powered development is a parallel universe that's a more productive, fun and friendlier place than it ever was. It must be pretty clear nowadays that jQuery is the #1 JavaScript library on the planet as more and more big companies tell us that they're using it and integrate it into their own frameworks. I think John Resig is a green alien skillfully masking his real identity, coming from the space with the goal of taking over the world of DHTML development.