Bye bye Evolution

2008-10-03 02:58:00 GMT

Update (2008-10-22): It seems like it's possible to use GPG with Firefox with FireGPG.

I've officially abandoned Evolution in favor of the GMail web interface which I use in Flock using the Gmail and Google Apps Sidebar Remover Greasemoney script.

I'd like to use GPG, but I'm fed up with Evolution. It has a friendly and helpful community on #evolution and I appreciate their help, but the software itself is a disaster in my opinion. It crashes twice a week, duplicates some of my emails seemingly randomly, slow to close and it's a memory hog. I find GMail's interface much usable, it's really a pleasure to use.

I'll automate fetching my mails to my localhost on a regular basis, since I don't like storing important informations solely in the cloud.