The Easiest to Remember DNS and HTTP server IPs

2008-03-01 23:54:28 GMT

My sister's box, Slimmy had some nasty domain name resolution problems in the past days, weeks. I won't go into the usual problem discovery and recovery procedure, I'd rather give you the easiest to remember name server and web server IP addresses to solve such problems virtually effortlessly.

I got the above DNS IP by asking on #apache about such an IP and I got the HTTP IP by doing an `nmap -p 80 1-9.1-9.1-9.1-9`. The above IPs can change in the future, of course, but they can be pretty useful in tracking DNS errors as long as they are valid.

Comment written by blogolnigaz at 2008-03-10 11:30:00 GMT:

szivesen olvasnam a webkettopontnulla blogon a te allaspontodat is az ugyben, ha mar ilyen szepen leoltott teged a mai oncelu frocsogeseben :)