Robert X. Cringely Is My Hero!

2007-12-07 02:55:18 GMT

I've just seen Triumph of the Nerds. It's a must see for every people (should I say nerds?) who want to get a clear understanding of the history of computing. It's probably the best documentary ever created on the subject and it's very enjoyable with all the tech leaders interviewed and seeing their perspective and attitude. There are some shocking moments in this movie. The most unbeliveable to me is how blind Xerox's management was for not seeing the value of their inventions. Their researchers invented the GUI, OOP and Ethernet. It's such an incredible array of technologies that defining our lives today.

It was also interesting to see how competitive Bill Gates and how charismatic Steve Jobs is. I can better relate to them and respect them more even if I disagree with their comany policy on intellectual property and won't buy shit from them.

The guy who created this piece of gem is Robert X. Cringely. He made a fascinating job of putting the pieces together in an enjoyable fashion and presenting the events through the history so they made a coherent whole. I always wanted to see the history of computing clearly, being able to understand the past and predicting the future. Cringely has created a vast amount of materials over time such as Nerds 2.0.1, NerdTV and lastly, but not leastly, his blog. I couldn't find any better resources that he provides. I'm already on his feeds and want to read his other stuff and older posts, which seems quite a hard job seeing the vast amount of this information.