Core 2 Duo Migration Suckage

2007-03-16 10:56:59 GMT

I bought a Core 2 Duo configuration last week. My old machine, an Athlon 2500+ with 1G RAM didn't feel responsive enough. I use lots of resource-hungry applications on Linux and my desktop felt sluggish. I had to move on.

One may expect that everything works smoothly after such an upgrade regarding software configuration on Linux, right?


This suckage certainly ranks within the top 10 in my life. I sucked days to get things work properly and I want to share the details because I do not wish, even my worst enemy to go through the pain I went through.

First let's summarize the major components of my configuration so you can identify whether you may hit the same problems with your hardware.

Let's see the problems I faced with:

Suckage #1

Suckage #2

Suckage #3

> $xauthority
chmod 644 $xauthority

Suckage #4

amixer sset 'Input Source',0 'Aux'
amixer sset 'Input Source',0 'Mic'

Based on the problems arised I must conclude that Linux is not ready regarding high-end hardware. Ubuntu is a fairly user-friendly distribution and yet, you just saw what it takes to get it working on recent hardware. No one can expect an Average Joe or Aunt Tillie to solve problems of such caliber.

After going through all this pain I'm very satisfied with my system. Intel Core 2 is an incredibly capable platform. Using 2G RAM with Core 2 makes a system hyper-responsive. The only component that is slow is the hard drive, but once you loaded your apps, you cannot have any complaints about the performance.