The Best Cross-Platform Disk Cataloging Application

2007-02-12 22:55:33 GMT

I've had a hard time finding a really usable disk cataloging application that runs on Linux. I've only used Where Is It, because it was the best I knew, but unfortunately it's properietary, closed-source and runs only on Windows. Fortunately I've successfully found a very viable and really usable alternative, Hyper's CdCatalog.

This software has an exceptionally usable user interface. Despite how rough some edges of the UI are, it is a pleasure to work with, because the overall UI is very well aligned. I think it is a great example of how it is possible to create a spectacular application with a minimal fuss. Its creator, Péter Deák is a fellow Hungarian developer, which makes my little heart feel even more warmth toward this piece of software. ;-)