2006-08-09 23:38:55 GMT

Lastly, but not leastly here's a quote from the Commodore 64 peripherals Wikipedia article:

The 1541 disk drive was notorious for not only its physical size compared to the C64, but also its unreliability. Perhaps the most-common failure involved the drive's read-write head mechanism. Many complex software copy-protection schemes used data stored on nonstandard tracks on floppies, forcing the drive head, while reading the data, to repeatedly slam into either end of the arm that the mechanism was mounted in. This caused a loud, telltale knocking[1] and, more seriously, would over time often move the head mechanism out of precise alignment, resulting in read errors and necessitating repairs. Some demos even exploited this to force the disk drive to play crude tunes ("Bicycle Built For Two" was one) by varying the knocking of the mechanism.

Rolls me on the floor, it's absolutely hilarious!