Ultraweb.hu: The Shit

2006-06-22 12:04:43 GMT

Update (2007-02-14): I've finally paid the price, because they threatened me with legal actions. I asked some advices from a lawyer regarding this situation, so I'll be more clever next time in such cases. As a side note, it's impossible to unsubscribe from their mailing list, so they can be also considered spammers.

Ultraweb.hu is the former hosting provider of monda.hu. I had problems with them so I moved to another hosting provider about three months ago, to mediacenter.hu which I'm very pleased with.

Some days ago, I got a two checks from Ultraweb. The first was about the hosting price of the last year, which seemed a bit higher that is mentioned on their home page. The second was about the hosting price of the next year which is quite ridiculous, because I'm no longer their customer. I've emailed them about these pricing issues. They didn't answer 3 working days later, so I emailed them again. 2 days passed, no answers, so I tried to call them on the phone. It wasn't easy to find a contact number to begin with, but when I called them, I felt pretty pissed off.

I call them, I immediately hear a female voice: "Your call is important to us. You are the first client on the queue. Please hold on!". Stupid music for two minutes… After that again: "Your call is important to us. You are the first client on the queue. Please hold on!". Stupid music for some minutes again… At that point, I fucking put down the phone.

Well, I've finally made the decision that I won't pay a fucking cent to these bastards. To understand my situation here's what they should mention on their home page about the quality of their service:

I've also noticed that they don't have any slogans. I think they should really have one, because it's really important from a marketing point of view. Here are some of my ideas:

I've also made an updated logo for them. I think it became pretty good:


Comment written by LinuxBázis at 2006-08-30 13:43:20 GMT:

My site LinuxBázis was on a shit server, too. It was called CJB. I had many problems with CJB. "MySQL error, grrr." I think the Netkey (www.netkey.hu) is a great web provider.