Being Free Again

2006-06-17 08:12:11 GMT

I'm so glad because I've finally succeeded with my exams for this semester. The last one was a nasty fucker.

I wanna hack on UC, hardcore. I've updated the Project Roadmap in the near past so there's a pretty good vision where the project should be moving. I have to make a couple little changes on the MediaWiki home page skin. After that, I have to implement a custom TreeModel interface for the panel, so it could display files much more faster. It seems that it's the only way to speed it up, I've basically tried everything else. I also feel a strong urge to move to Stetic, in MonoDevelop, because messed up Glade signals are cumbersome to handle.

I wanna also find some nice telejob(s) to make some money, because currently, I'm a poor bastard.