Planet GNOME Archives Is Down, Planet Archiver Is Available

2006-06-07 14:02:13 GMT

Four days after I set up Planet GNOME Archives, Jeff Waugh, editor of Planet GNOME mailed me:

Hi László,

I found your blog entry about Planet GNOME Archives as a referer to the
Planet website.

Planet, as it was designed for Planet GNOME, specifically did not include an
archival feature, because we felt it was inappropriate for a third-party
site to archive blog entries. The original author may edit the entry, remove
it from his/her blog, or change the readership policy in the future and this
really is up to them, *not* a third-party archival site that they are unable
to control.

At some stage, Planet itself may include an archival feature, for aggregator
admins that wish to do this. But many admins will approach it the same way I
have for Planet GNOME: no archival whatsover, leave that in the hands of the
authors themselves.

So, this is a long-winded, history-filled way of suggesting that you should
not make your archive of Planet GNOME publically accessible.


- Jeff

For these very reasons, you should be careful about putting your archive out to the public. You should negotiate this with the admins of the Planet you wish to archive. I've made Planet GNOME Archives private and published its source as the project Planet Archiver 0.1. Jeff found it a cool hack that useful for many on-line resources and so do I.