Planet GNOME Archives Is Alive

2006-06-02 23:06:11 GMT

Update (2006-06-07): Planet GNOME Archives is no longer available publicly. See my post: "Planet GNOME Archives Is Down, Planet Archiver is Available" for the explanation.

I'm addicted to Planet GNOME. It's the richest resource I read on a regular basis. Lots of talented people writing here about mostly GNOME related and generally Free Software related stuff and one can learn a lot by reading their posts.

I had only one problem with it, though: PlanetPlanet is not able to generate feed archives, so it is not possible to go back in history and read the earlier posts that the GNOME folks made. If I forget to visit or can't visit Planet GNOME for 3 days or more, I drop behind and there are phases in my life when I don't have so much time and it's a pain in my ass. I could use a web based feed reader with cron, but unfortunately none of the readers are good enough for my choosey taste, so I had to choose a different approach to solve this issue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce Planet GNOME Archives [link removed]! (I like the name, came out with it myself.) It must be pretty damn intuitive to use, because of the extra JavaScript love I gave to this babe. Motto: "No readers get left behind!"

I haven't used JavaScript for a long time, but despite of this fact, it was really a pleasure. Enjoy!