Ultimate Commander: Project Site Renewal

2006-03-09 23:39:26 GMT

I've just migrated all the content to the new project site I've set up on SourceForge. This was one of the subtasks I didn't really enjoy, because these kinds of administrations generally bore and frustrate the hell out of me.

The most exciting part of this job was making a customized style for MediaWiki which powers the site. As a useful side effect, I learned CSS which I find very elegant. I used the FratMan skin as a starting point and modelled the general site layout after the Beagle Wiki. It's a really usable and simple layout.

I've even put up the flash screencast and all the related media to the new site. To be honest this was the first reason I moved the site to SourceForge, because it has better bandwidth, but MediaWiki has additional virtues, of course.

To document my glorious deed for the future generations, here is a screenshot of the old site:


And this is the new one:


I honestly hope that you can feel the difference. If you can't, then there is something wrong with you and you're strange and weird.