The Power of Alternative Channels of Information

2006-02-22 11:11:16 GMT

It's fascinating how differently audio and video feels compared to plain text. It's another spectrum of information. Tonality, movement and gestures code a tremendous amount meaning which I really like to percieve.

I'm saying all this because it seems that podcasts, screencasts and videos are getting more and more popular as broadband is getting more widespread day by day.

OSNews has a recent podcast with the theme: "Are We Happier When We're Fighting?". It's about flamewars. I like the closing though: what could be accomplished if we could work together instead of wasting our energy on arguing. Personally I've argued a lot over the typical controversial geek topics in the past. If I see such a thread emerging nowadays, I immediately ignore it and I try to focus to things that I can actually make difference on instead of burning my energy pointlessly.

Channel 9 also seems to be a great resource of videos, podcasts, screencasts and photos related to Microsoft and the people working there. Despite I don't sympathize with the company, I do believe many of these people has a lot to offer and some of them are genuine talents.

I've just seen the interview with Jenny Lam on Channel 9. She's an artistic type designing the UI of Vista. This interview makes me thing about design. Really like it.