Free Desktop (R)evolution

2006-02-07 23:59:05 GMT

I'm extremely impressed by the (r)evolution of the Free Desktop. The most fundamental and innovative change in this area is the release of Xgl. Given such a powerful rendering subsystem, our desktop can really catch up with Vista and Tiger.

On the desktop environment front, GNOME and KDE have both showed their virtues.

It was odd to me seeing such radical shots of GNOME, but given this post, one can clearly understand Novell's marketing reasons not to instantly reveal every piece of information. I have a feeling about GNOME that it really wants to be helpful and clear to the user in a moderate manner while being quite decent looking.

Speaking of the new KDE look, I have mixed feelings. Some elements of it are excellent from a visual and from a usability standpoint also. The new Control Center is just awesome. On the other hand, some other aspects of it seem like a massive amount of chrome with no sense of usability like this stylish dialog, funky file manager window, obnoxious menu and ugly taskbar. However these examples may be due to the used theme and if everything will look like this start menu, or panel setup dialog, then I must congratulate the KDE developers because it'll be a pleasure using KDE.