MediaWiki on SourceForge, Part 2

2005-12-09 00:25:53 GMT

In a previous post of mine, "MediaWiki on SourceForge", I wrote about the topic of this post and this time I wanna correct the informations I gave there.

Diego Torres Milano, developer of the JGlade project contacted me several days ago that I should update my blog mentioning that MediaWiki cannot be installed on SourceForge. He kindly pointed out to his script which is meant to install MediaWiki on SourceForge.

I couldn't use his script, because it seemed a bit buggy, I haven't had the time and I'm not so motivated installing MediaWiki on SourceForge right now since I'm using DokuWiki on for Ultimate Commander. I recommended him to write a howto on the topic since the suckiness of bash scripts in these complex scenarios is unavoidable, but he thinks a script is a better way to do the thing.

He told me that SourceForge allows to write the /tmp/persistent/ directory. You typically wanna create your /tmp/persistent/<your-project> directory and put the related files into it. This way one can install any web application on SourceForge.

Anyways, I you wanna install MediaWiki on SourceForge you should really give his script a try. He's also helpful and very willing to improve his script so contact him if things don't go well.

Thanks Diego.