The Vision of the Web Desktop

2005-11-30 00:55:56 GMT

Miguel has just blogged about the web desktop. It is a very interesting vision for me. It's rare to see leaders talking about new major architectural designs and improvements. I was thinking why this idea hasn't been implemented earlier, but thinking more on this topic one can realize that CORBA aimed the same goal, which is pusing application interoperability to the next level.

However CORBA have issues. It was implemented in GNOME as Bonobo, but CORBA is really heavyweight, robust and hard to grasp, so it had no real chance to dominate. However REST is more popular, accessible and supported than ever and hosts now have the processing power to easily parse structural markup. Bandwith is also plenty, so the binary nature of CORBA doesn't mean a significant advantage anymore.

I'm keenly looking forward to the future of the web desktop.

Internet Explorer is a Funny Piece of Software

IE has a lot of interesting features. Well, these "features" are called security holes by professionals, but calling them features is much more funny, I think. The first such feature I know about makes one able to execute remotely any code (s)he wants and using the second one the clipboard of the poor IE user can be easily read by curious sites.