MediaWiki on SourceForge

2005-11-10 21:54:43 GMT

Update: MediaWiki can be installed on SourceForge. See my post "MediaWiki on SourceForge, Part 2" for more informations.

Wanna know how to setup MediaWiki on SourceForge?

Here is my answer: Don't try it!

As a matter of fact, you probably cannot even setup a decent wiki on SourceForge. I've been trying to install MediaWiki to the project web space of Ultimate Commander and I sucked hours and hours with it, hardcore. The most serious limitation that makes it impossible is the read-only policy of SourceForge regarding the project web space. They probably call it secure, but I'd rather call it paranoid. I'm sure they have good reasons to do so, but it's still very annoying.

Read-only access means that wikis can't upload files and I don't know about a wiki that saves everything purely into MySQL, so I installed DokuWiki on my site for this purpose.