Scott Berkun, the Man

2005-11-03 22:32:52 GMT

I heard about Scott first on OSNews. There was an article about him mentioning that he left Microsoft and that he has worked on Internet Explorer in the past. At that time I didn't really care. I was too busy.

A few days ago I read some articles on OSNews and one of these was his writing, titled "Why software sucks (And what to do about it)". Since I'm genuinely interested in software usability I read that article.

It was the best article I ever read on the topic. It makes you think in new ways in terms of philosophy, engineering and in relation to your users and yourself. I was thinking which pieces of it should I blog on, but It'd be a sin quoting parts of it, because it makes a coherent whole that should be read by everyone interested in the topic.

I think I don't exaggerate if I say Scott is one of the sharpest writers that I ever had the priviliege to read from and I'm looking forward to his future essays and will definitely read some (if not all) of his older ones.