Microsoft Gives Real Shell Power with Vista

2005-11-01 01:52:09 GMT

Microsoft is working on his new shell, called MSH. Ars Technica has just made an extremely well-written, quality article on it. It's a big shift seeing Microsoft really caring with their power users and system administrators, because in the past they primarily created front-ends which served the average users well, but not the advanced ones.

Honestly I envy at MSH, because it's powerful. I'm especially impressed by its object-oriented approach, its close integration with the .NET API and its import/export capabilities. Providers also seem to be very usable and the security features are well-thought too.

What I'm less impressed about is its syntax which resembles Bash in many places which I think is hardly readable and not really intuitive. This is especially true in case of comparison constructs. The SQL syntax is also a good idea, but compared to Python, it's functionally is the same as list comprehensions which I find more appealing.

I must say that Bash-scripting is lagging far behind MSH. Our whole set of command line tools are loosely integrated and purely textual which makes them very hard to use effectively in a lots of scenarios. Unix bigots would argue me, of course, but Microsoft shouldn't be blamed all the time. The should be watched and their good ideas should be embraced and improved to build a better free platform.

Ajax and PHP

A new developerWorks article has been written on the topic.

Ajax is an extremely exciting technology for me because it makes developers able to build thin client applications that feel like rich client. Using Ajax one can make really smooth and powerful applications. The best example that comes into my mind is Gmail's autosave feature. As you compose your mail Gmail autosaves your email regularly and you won't loose your content if something wicked happens.

If I had more time, I'd create an application which I would call AjaxWikiBoard. The name is quite intuitive for technical folks I believe. It'd be a web application empowered by a wikilanguage, preferrably with DokuWiki or MediaWiki markup, using Ajax and featuring frequent autosaves. That could be used as a personal note-taking application, just like Tomboy, but on the web.

Linux 2.6.14 is Out

The new release is here. Contains some inotify fixes so it's worth upgrading.