SourceForge Does Care!

2005-10-30 21:57:17 GMT

I opened a support ticket on SourceForge on 2003-04-09. I asked them to create a new Trove category, called "File Managing" (yeah, my English sucks) or something like that. No relevant reply was made then and I also felt a bit stupid for bothering them with such an issue. Feeling stupid was definetly because of my low self-confidence at that time by the way.

I haven't tracked this ticket and only now, when I changed the project infos of Ultimate Commander, I noticed the entry "Topic :: System :: File Management" and I went after that. They closed my ticket and included my category on 2005-01-05!

It's the most exciting in the open development model. Every single individual can change this universe. 174 projects have registered themselves in my category so far.