Learning Gtk#

2005-10-28 17:47:00 GMT

I'm learning Gtk# these days. Well, I don't need to learn so much Gtk anymore, but rather C# which is very well-suited for creating GUIs. That's mainly because of several special language constructs like accessors and delegates. On the other hand it's a strict, strongly-typed language that is a little bit unusual for me after so much Python. This kind of strict nature of C# makes it able to run suprisingly fast. I cannot tell you some exact statistics on it, but some say in several cases C++ is only 2x faster than C#. I think the situation is not so ideal. I guess it's 5x or so.

I'm learning C# because I wanna rewrite Ultimate Commander in it. This has proven to be a hard task, especially because I want to make it very usable in terms of user interaction by specializing widgets to fine-tune some of their details which I think are important.

Gtk# has several nontrivial issues, so I hang out on the mailing lists regularly these times. I also began to help others as I have some experiences in Gtk. It feels good helping people.