Novell is a Usability Genious

2005-10-22 17:14:58 GMT

Web developers at Novell have an icredible sense on usability. They create exceptionally clear, simple, stylish and usable sites. Some examples are,,,,

Wikified Universe

Wiki is a huge phenomenon. It's not hard to see that Novell folks, like most people like MediaWiki the most, while DokuWiki and MoinMoin also seems to be very popular.

Smoking Bus Drivers

I travel every week back and forth between my home and the university by bus. Sometimes bus drivers begin to smoke while driving right in front of me. As soon as I smell that disgusting smell I politely ask them "Excuse me, could you please turn off that cigarette?". Although I always do this in a moderated tone, I could literally kill them.

Don't make me unleash my unstoppable fierce out to the world, because no one's gonna survive!

As a side note, it's funny that both the "bus" and "driver" words have computer related meanings as well as "smoking" is applied to hot girls.

Miguel Rocks!

Wow, I didn't know Miguel has superpowers! Cool!