is finished!

2005-10-09 21:10:55 GMT

I started to agressively work on a month earlier or so. That was because I finally got some free time and I've been making promises to my mother for a long time that I'll make her a home page. She's a furniture painter folk artist and a good site may greatly increase her income and business contacts.

In the beginning I was thinking in coding all the stuff alone from the scratch which was very frustrating. After that, a light bulb appeared above my head and bang, the magical idea manifestated within me: reuse.

It sounds pretty obvious, doesn't it? I'm just thinking about why reusing wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind. After all when I start solving a problem, I generally immediately look for libraries that I can (re)use, so why the hell in this situation didn't I thought of reuse?

I think there are two main reasons:

  1. Web applications differ from libraries. Libraries have a well defined interface, but application interfaces are generally loosely defined and arbitrary. Every application is more-or-less a discrete universe. I – in contrast to most Unix folks – even hate piping processes together because the stream flowing through them is an unstructured mess and I don't trust in that, unless it is something structured, like XML.
  2. Bad experiences: I had some negative experiences installing various PHP applications in the past. I consider PHP basically a hack. The mere vision of variable names starting with the dollar ($) sign makes me feel bad. PHP has only one very big advantage in my opinion and that is wide deployment. You can really find it everywhere.

It was a good lesson for me to generalize the concept of reusable components in terms of web applications. I'm very proud of this work because I think I wisely chosed, configured and interlinked the components, namely DokuWiki and WordPress in a usable and elegant way. I've also took care of the details and hacked the source in many places to improve the look-and-feel and the general usability of the site.

WordPress Autoparagraphing Madness

My blog entries had an unnecessary newline in their ends which made the page layout a bit disturbing. I dwelved into the WordPress code and found the problem. WordPress autoparagraphs the blog entries which is a generally usable feature, but it conflicts with the DokuWiki plugin and this extra newline is its side effect.

In short one needs to comment out line #73 in <wordpress_root>/wp-includes/functions-formatting.php.