Rustic Closed

2005-10-01 15:30:58 GMT

I have just marked Rustic inactive. It was my second project on SourceForge. I wanted to have a home page that is very easy to use and navigate and that is very simple also. I made a simple engine based on the design of ESR's home page of that time. It had a header, a footer, every page had a description string and it also had a sitemap feature.

I've made something workable, but I was very inexperienced at that time and I haven't thought of many important aspects of the problem. I think the most relevant ones by importance are 1) editing throught the web, 2) a powerful authoring (wiki) language and 3) slim design.

Fortunately DokuWiki fulfills all my expectations. It complies with all the above points and doesn't force a strict structure like many CMSes, but freely allows one to arbitrary interlink the wiki namespace.

You can read more on installing DokuWiki for this purpose in one of my earlier blog entries, DokuWiki Adventures.

Stupid Favicon!

Have you ever tried to make a favicon for your site? I did and it really exhausted me. That's because for some stupid reason (the Windows version of) Firefox behaved strange. When I named the icon file the standard way favicon.ico and referenced to it from the HTML using the link tag, the following has happened:

I enter the address into Firefox and at the left side of the location bar the favicon is there. However I cannot see it on the tab of this page. Switching to another tab and switching back makes the favicon compeletly disappear even from the location bar.

So what did I? I renamed favicon.ico to monda.ico, modified the HTML reference and it worked magically. I'm using Firefox 1.0. it's maybe a stupid bug, but the thing I don't understand is that most sites use the standard favicon.ico filename and they do work. So what the hell is going on?