WordPress Journeys

2005-09-28 12:17:17 GMT

I've just finished upgrading my WordPress installation and it's been taking a long time. First of all I'd like to note that WordPress is a shining example of a very high quality Free Software. You can feel it as you use it, there is quality in its every piece.

Strange things have happened after the upgrade (probably partly due to the stupid webserver configuration of my hosting provider) which took significant amount of my time. Most lucky bastard won't ever encounter with them (yeah, I hate them).

Anyway, installing WordPress is quite easy and works pretty well out of the box in most cases. There are however two things that worth customizing and these are the template and the plugins.

The original template is – like most blog templates – only uses half of the screen or so. There is a tendency that says that a blog should be narrow which means that a fine amount of the left and right edges of the screen will be unused. Most people would call it standard. I call it annoying and stupid. One can hardly find a theme that breaks this tendency. Because of the new template system of WordPress 1.5, I needed to search for an appropriate theme and I did. It's called Beeblebrox and this piece of work is both very elegant and very usable.

The other thing that makes blogging much less painful is plugins. I'd like to recommend two plugins that I think are very usable. The first is the DokuWiki plugin. Yeah, genious, that makes you able to blog using DokuWiki's markup language. It kicks ya azz! The other plugin is called Orgainzer and using it one can mess around with his/her upload folder through the web.

AJAX Pushes the Web to the Next Level

I'm not really concerned about cutting-edge web technologies, but this one rocks so much that I must say a word about it. Have you ever used Google Mail or Google Maps? The user experince was uncomparably smoother wasn't it? Well, there's a combination of techologies that powers these sites called AJAX. Wanna know more?