Princo DVDs

2005-06-05 18:05:28 GMT

You shouldn't buy Princo DVDs. They are a piece of shit. Really. This is not "Write once", but "Write once and pray" kind of category.


Miguel in Antitrust

One of my very favourite movies, Antitrust features Miguel De Icaza. I've just wathced the related scene. Cool.

Zope versus PHP

Zope has a really unique architecture. I'm not an expert, but I know some things about it and wanna learn more in the future. I thought it's a very powerful platform to build on. I was interested why it is that PHP is used everywhere and Zope is not (well) known to the average web developer so I went after the topic and have found a thread called "PHP vs. Zope/Plone? Which better overall and for what?" on the topic. In short, Zope's nature as an application server, as a framework, and as a paradigm makes it alien and hard to grasp to the masses despite its power. It's also possible that Zope runs slower than PHP, althought I guess the difference is probably not that significant. PHP may also rule in cases where the given task is very special in nature.

Python Challenge

Python Challenge offers you the most fun way learning Python. Every pythonian should check it out.