On the Bleeding Edge

2005-06-02 08:49:37 GMT

I'm using 100% Debian Unstable. There is another distribution of Debian which is named experimental. Thinking back some years earlier I believe it didn't existed then, but I won't try it because that's probably really unstable, not like "unstable".

Beyond Relational Databases

Here is a nice article on the topic. Very interesting. It widens one's perspective. Many of us, geeks, and I'm sure on other areas of life as well, we like to create universal tools, paradigms. The problem is, that most of the time these systems don't work very well in practice. That's probably because we discount several important aspects of the picture and/or we don't have enough knowledge about the problem and we end up something not-so-usable and not-so-highly-generalized stuff.