It's Revolution!

2005-01-30 01:14:52 GMT

Once upon a time there was a guy whose name was Linus Torvalds. He made a miraculous kernel with the help of thousands of open source folks. Several years later desktops began to evolve on Linux. First they were hardly usable since Unix folks, minimalistic geeks had a loose or no concept of usability. By time, it got better. Desktops matured more or less rapidly but then, there was a big shift, a real change. Something has happened. Several people emerged from the dark and revitalized Linux on the desktop. They were named Ximian.

Well, I know Ximian is bought by Novell but they started the real show. I'm aware that the above tale was somewhat opionated at my side, but let me tell you why I find their universe so unique and exciting. The things that they made comes down to me primarily as:

  1. They built an architecture, rather than separate applications.
  2. They shared as much code as possible. That's the reason that the main codebase of GNOME is written in C (it's easily wrappable) and that's the main reason why they started Mono (because the languages on top of the CLR can all use the Mono APIs).
  3. These folks really innovate. Building on the existing architecture (primarily the GNOME libs and Mono) it is possible to create high-end applications in a relatively short period of time. Look at F-Spot. I've just compiled and tried it out. It's much more than yet another image viewer.

Bill Gates was (is?) ugly like hell

Look at these pictures. I wonder whether Billy has a wife. Maybe he's got, but she should be blind or this guy must had some massive plastic surgery. I can't watch the pictures more than ten secs or so.

If you want to refresh, look Miguel's related posings. They made me roll on the floor. They are extremely humorous in their strange, wicked ways.