Emacs Is Not The IDE

2005-01-16 13:26:55 GMT

Matt Rajkowski has written a great article on Java IDE comparsions. Well, his article was mainly about the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. It seems like a fascinating development tool. I tend to idealize things. Some years ago I idealized Linux. I thought it's the best operating system for everyone. Later I idealized Emacs. Now as I see this comparsion I realize Emacs is not the IDE and even the IntelliJ IDEA is only the IDE for Java. I won't discount Emacs in the future, but I must admit that it's not the universal, optimal solution every time and I'll experiment with other tools in the future. If one writes such a generalized applications like Emacs (s)he'll probably miss out some details. That's almost inevitable even with a lot of developer resources. It would be beautiful to use highly generalized tools for everything but it tends to be almost impossible to engineer anything that is both flexible, fast and superior in every minor details.


Gnome Journal is an exciting magazine to read. I don't know why I haven't heard about it earlier, but it's there and is very cool. From the current issue I especially enjoyed Seth Nickell's article titled "Experimental Culture" in which he speaks of the social and policy changes of the past few years regarding GNOME. Very interesting read.

XFCE got a nice installer (article). Unfortunately it's only a GTK frontend above autoconf. Ideally one would replace that piece of crap. The installer looks nice and usable by the way.

Peter Gerdes has written a nice article titled "Virtual Machines and the OS" in which he talks about how we could speed up VMs by integrating related features to the OS.