I Hate Computers

2005-01-01 12:11:06 GMT

Sometimes I feel that I must throw my computer out the window. Should I read dozens of manuals and fix hundreds of bugs just to make my computer usable? I don't think so. Computers are not fun today. Although this problem of mine is Linux/Unix specific, computing is full of this kind of problems.

I just wanted to disable this stupid visual bell under X which irritates the hell out of me so I googled for "disable visual bell" (not google-quoted) and other similar things and found the visible bell mini-howto. It says that I need to do an "xset -b" to disable this thing so I did it. The command had no output so I thought everything is okay. Unfortunately it changed nothing. Thinking that it's a GNOME specific problem I went to gconf-editor and searched for "bell" in keys and values. I found some related Metacity keys and changed them. Same shit. X visual-bells whenever I try to search for an invalid string in Firefox or in Emacs. In Emacs I could disable the bell unlike in Firefox.

So should I disable the visual bell in every single application I encounter? Yeah? It's really damn funny!

UPDATE: Later somehow I magically fixed this problem by messing around with gconf-editor. Maybe I was just too frustrated earlier.