There Is Indeed a System Tray

2004-12-31 00:41:32 GMT

My desktop gets more and more usable every day. In the past I reported a "bug" to the Azureus developers related to the system tray. Well there's indeed a system tray in GNOME too. You can add it to your panel by right clicking on it, choosing the "Add to Panel..." button and selecting the "Notification Area" item from the list. In the end it seems staightforward, but damn, why the hell this thing can't be named system tray?

It's really good stuff by the way. Makes my desktop less cluttered. Gaim uses it too.


I'm fascinated by LVM. I got to the point where I don't have to arrange my stuff between partitions all the time like a madman. I just use LVM and everything is fine. Maybe you should too. The obvious drawback of using several hard disks as one device kicks in when one of them dies. That's why in a situation like this it's a very good idea to archive often.

Some personal notes

It useful to do a "apt-get install less mc mozilla-firefox emacs21 gcc libc6-dev ncurses-dev g++ xlibs-dev" on a fresh Debian installation. Most software I need is packaged by Debian. Sometimes I have to use unstable packages. Other times I have no choice but to separately install them. The latter category is Azureus, Mplayer, the Nvidia video driver and the Linux kernel for example.

It's worth installing MS truetype fonts. X handles them for a long time. Looks really good.