On the Top

2004-12-29 14:21:30 GMT

I'm finally using Debian Testing. I installed it using the netinstall method. I'm almost using the most recent stuff. Wow!


I've tried Amarok too. It looks really slick. It's obviously a work in progress since it has terminated many times. I don't know whether it's more a gstreamer or an Amarok issue, but you shouldn't try this thing if you want to use a reliable audio player.

Another interesting thing about Amarok is that I saw SQL quieries in its debug output. Amarok doesn't use MySQL nor PostgreSQL so I can only think there is an SQL interpreter embedded into it. It's probably the best method acquring object metadata. Another observation is that pushing an object metadata system down into the architecture could really boost our applications. But that's nothing new.

Configuration Hell

Software configuration is a nightmare on the Debian and the Linux kernel front. I've spend many hours on that. If ESR's CML2 had been evangelized more the situation probably would have been much better. Mentionining Debian, it's not the most user friendly distribution in the universe. I love its package management by the way.


The CIA Open Source Notification System is a great tool. You can really get the big picture. Love it.

I finally catched up with Planet Beagle and Miguel's log. Feels good.

Ohh, and the holidays were fine too reagarding the noncyber world.

I have to study for for my exams.