Surfing on Half Megabit

2004-12-04 22:30:58 GMT

I happily see that the situation is getting better day by day in Hungary regarding internet access. Every provider has raised the bandwith of their customers. I've had 384 kbits/s, now I happily surfing on 512 kbit/s for no additional payment. Every customers' bandwith above 384 kbit/s has been doubled, so the others had even more luck than me. The undesirable side effect of the this change was some hours downtime at my ISP so I couldn't get online last night.


If everything is going well, we'll be given a new filesharing protocol. Exeem sounds like a beautiful idea. The lack of centralization and the possibility of unlimited growing sounds like the death of RIAA and all those bastards. I hope the suprnova guys will make something big happen. By the way seems to be a good place on file sharing news.

Some good stuff I found from OSNews:

Nooface looks like an interesting HCI news site.

Karl fisher has written yet another nice GNOME 2.8 article.


I was listening to Digitally Imported. The Vocal Trance and Hard Core channels play some good music sometimes.